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Did “Ready Player One” do anything for VR?

The majority of Ready Player One (RPO) takes place in a virtual reality universe known as the OASIS — in the book and in the movie VR is a normal and accepted medium of entertainment (or seemingly the only one). The hope from many of my peers in the VR community was that the RPO film would help to “normalise” VR for mass audiences, to make them look past how strange/funny/awkward people looked when wearing a headset and to pick one up and try it out instead. The movie has fin

Great VR Expectations for 2018

I remember when I started out in VR content creation in 2016 people would frown and ask questions like “Is VR actually a thing?” and “So it’s like 3D?”. Now when I tell people that I work in VR they get genuinely excited. I’ve seen a clear shift in mindset with growing acceptance that VR is not just a fad anymore and is being taken more seriously. This year VR will becomes more accessible to mass markets because of new and updated VR headsets and more mainstream content. Here

How VR Changed My Career

Just to be upfront, I’m writing this blog to proudly share the VR teaser — that we completed in 2016 — for our sci-fi animated virtual reality series, The PhoenIX. This 3 minute 360 video changed my career and made me believe in the power of VR as a storytelling medium. It put me on the rollercoaster ride of my life (a ride that I’m still on!). This is my story. How it all began The year was 2015 and I looked at virtual reality like many other people did: interesting, pretty

When did we stop pushing for the mass adoption of Virtual Reality?

I was recently at the Cannes Film Festival where the pilot episode of my virtual reality series, The PhoenIX, was part of the NEXT VR showcase. I attended a number of VR panels and events and in one such panel, focused on monetising VR content, I came across something that baffled me. I’m not going to name names here but suffice it to say that the panel consisted of VCs investing in VR, a large VR studio and an established tech leader in media and entertainment who is aggress

Hands on with BotsNew VR - a Japanese mobile VR HMD with hand gestures!?

This is a story I need to share. I was in Sapporo last year walking through the insane Tokyu Hands store which has every single gadget known to man — at least that’s what it feels like. I came across this VR headset and watched their suitably awesome promo video. Just a disclaimer, I cannot read, write or speak Japanese so I interpreted everything based on the imagery. I had never seen a mobile VR headset that used hand gestures before and AFAIK this is the only one of its ki

A month with the Google Daydream View

There have been a number of excellent technical reviews for the Google Daydream View. As a VR content creator, I’ll be focusing more on how it works, what you can watch and what the overall experience is like.There is an appendix section at the end of the blog with some points on hardware that I didn’t notice in other reviews. I’ve always viewed the Cardboard as the device that made VR accessible to the masses so here’s hoping that the Daydream View is a more sophisticated an

The “Year of VR” is coming to an end. Can we finally agree it’s not a fad?

2016 is touted as the “Year of VR”. Yet, I keep reading and hearing people talk about VR being a passing fad. I can totally understand why. VR headsets are bulky and cumbersome, VR content is still finding its footing, headset sales aren’t meeting forecasts and so on and so forth. Just type “Is VR a fad” into Google and you’ll see a list of links to articles featuring industry players, celebrities and recognised directors speaking out against VR. In the face of this overwhelm

Thinking of getting a PSVR for Christmas? You’ll love it!

I’m sitting with a few friends, on the edge of my seat, and cheering as we watch one of us get to the next level of Thumper on PSVR. It’s a trippy game with funky graphics and thumping beats and it’s totally absorbing. It’s been a bit more than a month since I got my PSVR and I’m excited about sharing my experience. Note: I’m not going to go into super in-depth detail on the PSVR technical specs. If you want to know more click here for Sony’s excellent PSVR FAQ. The setup Now

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