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How VR Changed My Career

Just to be upfront, I’m writing this blog to proudly share the VR teaser — that we completed in 2016 — for our sci-fi animated virtual reality series, The PhoenIX. This 3 minute 360 video changed my career and made me believe in the power of VR as a storytelling medium. It put me on the rollercoaster ride of my life (a ride that I’m still on!). This is my story. How it all began The year was 2015 and I looked at virtual reality like many other people did: interesting, pretty

The “Year of VR” is coming to an end. Can we finally agree it’s not a fad?

2016 is touted as the “Year of VR”. Yet, I keep reading and hearing people talk about VR being a passing fad. I can totally understand why. VR headsets are bulky and cumbersome, VR content is still finding its footing, headset sales aren’t meeting forecasts and so on and so forth. Just type “Is VR a fad” into Google and you’ll see a list of links to articles featuring industry players, celebrities and recognised directors speaking out against VR. In the face of this overwhelm

Thinking of getting a PSVR for Christmas? You’ll love it!

I’m sitting with a few friends, on the edge of my seat, and cheering as we watch one of us get to the next level of Thumper on PSVR. It’s a trippy game with funky graphics and thumping beats and it’s totally absorbing. It’s been a bit more than a month since I got my PSVR and I’m excited about sharing my experience. Note: I’m not going to go into super in-depth detail on the PSVR technical specs. If you want to know more click here for Sony’s excellent PSVR FAQ. The setup Now

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